National Cellular Owners Association - NCOA is a rip off!

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I contacted them after my daughter's phone broke.I could not reach anyone by phone (you can only leave a voice mail).

I could only email them. They couldnt find the account number for her phone even though I had the email showing "Membership verification". They advised me to send in the phone with a copy of the email. Since the phone still worked, but the front display was cracked, I didnt send it in right away.

This happened before the renewal went into effect. I just received a check for the renewal and no one will contact me back.

What's up with that?

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Myrtle Point, Oregon, United States #17551

Uhhhh, of all the "associations" to belong to, really, who would have thought the "Cell Phone Owners Association" would be a rip-off?Do you people seek out these scams or is the website/spam/salesman that *** good?

My god.

Really, if you have the time to complain about the poor service your ***-artist company provided you, maybe you need to take the time to research your company policies and rates.Of course, you will sign up for that ridiculous insurance plan, too, but at least you will have a phone.

National Cellular Owners Association - Worthless Supplemental Cell Phone Insurance Coverage

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I bought a cell phone family plan through, Inc.The LetsTalk representative suggested a plan for protection against loss or damage.

After the representative assured me that the plan covered losses such as dropping the phone in a swimming pool (as had happened to my son), I bought the plan for my daughter's phone. A couple days ago she accidentally dropped her phone in the toilet and it stopped working. LetsTalk then referred me to a 3rd party company called National Cellular Owners Association (NCOA) that was the actual plan provider, who responded saying "WATER DAMAGE AND CORROSION" - "Water damage is excluded from coverage. If the white dot under the battery is now red/pink, it is water damaged."

In my opinion, NCOA is most certainly a scam.

I doubt whether they cover anything that the manufacturer's phone warranty doesn't already cover. I believe that someone from there belongs in jail for fraud and for stealing.

I don't promote violence, but given this outfit's behavior, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to read in the news that someone went into their office and shot it up with a machine gun or something.Take my advice - Stay away from both NCOA and

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Abingdon, Virginia, United States #10341

I agree with Zimmermankeith, the service is really bad.I lost my phone and it is now 7 days & they have not resolved the matter.

My earlier experience with another company - a warranty with Verizon was just awesome... I got the replacement phone in just 3 biz. days fromt he time I lodged a complaint. I expected the same service here, but if I have to wait for 7+ days just to resolve the matter & receive the phone "god knows when" it is a scam.

I cant wait that long with out a cellphone, I need to be accessible to my patients.Some extended warranty this.

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